The Empathy Project explores integrating empathy into everyday life. The goal is to invite people to recognize and appreciate shared human experiences, ultimately leading to more thoughtful public interactions.

When walking around public spaces, you can find six poster designs, each asking one of the following questions:

As you answer these questions, know that strangers around you are doing the same. By reading others’ responses, you might find yourself thinking more empathetically toward the people around you.

For more about how to incorporate empathy into your everyday life, check out the Empathy Tips page.

The Empathy Project is a year-long capstone graphic design project by Emma Noyes, senior in the Graphic Design BFA Program at SUNY New Paltz. Preliminary responses to empathy questions were gathered January–March 2020. To see more of Emma's work, please visit emmanoyes.design.

Special thanks to everyone who had a helping hand in this project: